How can you find out who is registered at an address? Instructions for obtaining registration information.

Situations arise when it is necessary to clarify who is registered in an apartment at a specific address. This need often arises when drawing up a contract for the purchase and sale of real estate, when the buyer wants to find out whether there are owners of the purchased living space who are not included in the contract and who can subsequently assert their rights and challenge the transaction. You can obtain the information you are interested in in several ways, and you do not have to be the legal owner of the property. Let's consider the features and nuances of this procedure.

○ When registration information may be needed.

The law regulates the need for consent for any real estate transactions with all persons who have any rights to it. Therefore, if you are planning to buy or sell living space, you definitely need to find out who is officially registered in it in order to protect yourself from all sorts of surprises later.

It is especially important to obtain such information when moving into a communal apartment, because in this case an important condition for obtaining a new living space is its privatization. Those who have not dealt with this issue will experience fewer problems than neighbors who privatized their rooms.

Also, a citizen must obtain information about registered persons if:

  • Applies to the Social Protection Center as a member of a low-income family with minor children.
  • He wants to receive compensation for paying for kindergarten.
  • The living space does not meet the standards for the number of people registered and he is going to stand in line for new housing.
  • He wants to submit a certificate to the gas service in cases where there is no gas meter and payment is made according to the number of registered people.

In all these cases, a certificate is provided in Form No. 9; the number of applications for it is not limited.

○ Obtaining information from the MFC.

This method of obtaining a certificate is one of the most convenient, because the MFC has a convenient work schedule and a minimal queue. Information is provided to the homeowner upon presentation of a personal passport with registration at the specified address. Information about housing that is socially rented or owned by the municipality is provided to the responsible tenant.

To get help you need:

  • Fill out the application in the prescribed form.
  • Provide a copy of your personal passport.
  • Provide proof of ownership.

This request is not subject to state duty, the finished document can be received on the day of application or the next. The document contains the following information in tabular form:

  • Full name of the owner of the premises indicating date of birth.
  • Full name of all registered residents, indicating date of birth and degree of relationship with the owner.

There are cases when obtaining a certificate is refused if there are debts to pay for utility services. However, this is illegal, and you have the right to write a complaint to a superior person about the employee who refused to provide you with a certificate.

○ Receiving information from the Federal Migration Service.

Another convenient way to obtain a certificate of registered persons is the branch of the Federal Migration Service. Here you need to imagine:

  • Personal passport.
  • Certificate of ownership.
  • An extract from the house register (if the applicant lives in a private house).

To obtain a certificate, fill out an application according to the established form. If it is not written by the owner of the property, you must present a notarized power of attorney.

There is no charge for receiving the document. Information is issued within 30 days after the request.

A person who is not the owner of the living space may be denied an application here. This registration authority provides information only to the owner, and before issuing the data, the FMS notifies other owners of the request. It is possible to obtain information about those registered without being the owner, but this requires compelling reasons. One of them is the existence of a purchase and sale agreement.

○ Obtaining information from Rosreestr.

Some data from Rosreestr is publicly available, but this does not apply to registration information. To obtain such information, the owner must order extract No. 3, providing:

  • Application of the established form indicating the address of the living space of interest.
  • Personal passport.
  • Certificate of ownership.

When submitting an application, you need to pay a state fee of 300 rubles for individuals and 600 rubles for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The information will be ready within 3 days from the date of your request. You can receive it in the form of a simple certificate indicating the minimum information about the living space (address), owner and registered persons (full name). You can also order an extended certificate, which will indicate the entire list of information about the living space: all transactions, owners, restrictions on rights (if any), arrests, both active and already lifted.

You can get it not only at the Rossreestr branch, but also:

  • At the MFC.
  • By email or regular mail.

A refusal to provide information can be obtained if:

  • There is no information about real estate in the database.
  • There are errors or corrections in the submitted documents.
  • The state duty has not been paid.
  • The petition is not submitted by the owner or his representative.
  • The package of documents provided is not complete.

If you are refused to provide information, you need to eliminate the reason for the refusal and contact Rosreestr again.


Verifying the details of registered persons is very important for a potential buyer. The desired information can be obtained in different ways, the main thing is to understand why to do it. After all, protection from fraudsters means the buyer’s attentive attitude to all aspects of the transaction.



○ Obtaining information from the management company.

Having found out which management company services the desired house, an application is submitted to it, attaching a copy of the passport. The information of interest will be provided 1-3 days after your request in the form of an extract from the house register. Any citizen can apply for information; there is no charge for services.

Applications may be refused if there is arrears in payment of utility bills, but this is not legal. In such a case, you should ask for a written refusal to provide information. Considering the illegality of such a refusal, the problem will most likely be resolved immediately.


Sometimes a citizen was only required to provide an extract, without presenting a house register. The extract is also a legal document confirming registration. Sometimes the original of such an extract was required, sometimes only a photocopy.

Registration statement

  • When you need to privatize an apartment for one or more persons.
  • When real estate needs to be sold or exchanged.
  • Also, the old book was needed to issue a new one. A new document was issued when the old house register was damaged, or when there was no room for registering new residents.
  • The book may be required by various authorities in order to confirm registration, temporary or permanent.
  • Each new tenant of the apartment was recorded in the book, so it is also needed during registration.
  • This legal document was often required by various authorities.
  • MFC – in Moscow and regions;
  • management companies and homeowners associations with the function of a passport office - in Moscow and the regions;
  • police departments at the address of the apartment - in Moscow and the regions;
  • locality administrations in small settlements (towns and villages);
  • Residents of the capital can also access the Moscow Mayor’s portal.

○ Obtaining information from the passport office.

When contacting this authority, you need to write an application in Form No. 11 and attach to it a copy of your passport or certificate of ownership. If the applicant is the buyer of the living space, you can submit a purchase and sale agreement.

Information will be provided within 1 to 7 days after the application in the form of an extract from the house register. In this case, there is no need to pay state duty.

Reasons for refusing an application can also be the presence of debt for utility services; you must act in the same way as in the previous case.


Everyone who is registered and discharged at this address is indicated on the apartment card, and such cards are kept by passport officers at the passport offices corresponding to the region. And specially appointed officials are responsible for keeping records of those registering in the apartment.

As it was before

This is a document that keeps records of persons living in this housing. It could be needed when someone needs to be registered in this living space or discharged from it. Such a book is always necessary when registration is planned, permanent or temporary.

To understand how to find out the owner of a property by address, go to the “Whotam” website; you can get information in one hour. To do this, you need to register in your personal account by entering your email address. After activation, fill out the fields, select a payment method, download the finished statement in your personal account.

If the subject is the owner of a residential property according to documents, he can contact the BTI to obtain data. Also, persons registered with the owner in the same living space have this right. Before contacting the Bureau, you need to pay a tax fee of 200 rubles; the request is processed within 3-5 business days.

An error occurred while exchanging data

If you want to receive it online, go to the Rosreestr , find the desired request, fill out the fields of the proposed form, pay the fee and wait for a response. Please note that the response will be received in the form indicated in the request. In this case, the cost of the state duty will be 150 rubles.

Perhaps this is the only way to find a person by registration. Let us note that, in addition to illegal databases, there are also official sources on the Internet that can help in resolving this issue. These include:

  • notarized power of attorney – if the data is requested by a third party, and the legal owner is not present during the procedure;
  • a receipt for payment of state duty is a prerequisite for most government agencies;
  • documents of title - these include donation agreements, purchase and sale agreements or a certificate of accession to the rights of an heir.

Deadlines for consideration of applications

Despite the wide range of organizations that provide the necessary information, it is actually difficult to obtain it. The fact is that all government agencies are bound by the Law “On Personal Data,” which regulates the processing and disclosure of information. At the same time, paragraph 2 of Art. 1 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ states that this regulatory legal act does not apply to the processing of personal data of individuals. persons arising from personal and family needs, provided that the rights of the subject are not violated.

  • notarized power of attorney – if the data is requested by a third party, and the legal owner is not present during the procedure;
  • a receipt for payment of state duty is a prerequisite for most government agencies;
  • documents of title - these include donation agreements, purchase and sale agreements or a certificate of accession to the rights of an heir.

○ Obtain information on the Internet.

If it is not possible to contact the registration authorities in person, you can use the worldwide network. To do this, you need to send an online request to the FMS, Rosreestr or the Management Company. You can also use the State Services website by selecting the “. You need to enter the required information and receive a completed certificate to your email address or at the MFC branch. The state duty, depending on the chosen structure, can be paid immediately on the website.

Only the owner of the living space can apply for such information; an extract can be refused for the same reasons as when applying in person.

Is it possible to find out information about the apartment in extracts from the Unified State Register of Real Estate and how to do it?

Using an extract from the register, you can find out about the main characteristics of an apartment or house and about the transfer of rights:

  • when the property is registered to a person;
  • how many times she was the object of transactions;
  • what amount is it valued at in the cadastre?

Competent authorities may require an extended version. Online, you can use a special service or go to the Rosreestr website, which regularly updates its database.

○ Other options to find out who is registered:

In addition to contacting the listed authorities, there are other ways to obtain information about registration.

✔ Lawyers.

If you are not the owner and do not have title documents, you can obtain the information you are interested in about registered persons through a lawyer. He will send a lawyer's request and inform you of the results obtained. This method is not illegal.

✔ ATS.

You can contact here if the citizen whose address you want to know has committed unlawful actions, the fact of which can be confirmed. For example, he borrowed a large amount and does not return it. If there are sufficient grounds, you may be provided with his registration address, but information about other persons registered in the living space will not be indicated.

✔ Social networks.

Often, when a person fills out personal information, he also indicates his residential address. Therefore, having found him on any social network, it is quite possible to find out his registration address. This method is not illegal, but it is also not very reliable.

✔ Internet.

In addition to official resources, you can find the information you need in other ways. By entering the personal data of the person you are interested in into the search, there is a chance to find out his registration address. Citizens often indicate this information when filling out a resume or personal pages of a freelancer. But do not forget that such information does not guarantee a reliable result.

✔ Databases.

There are many private databases that guarantee to provide the information you need. But it should be taken into account that:

  • This method of obtaining information is not legal.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive reliable information.

Thus, there are many ways to obtain information about registered persons in the shortest possible time through official means without resorting to dubious methods.

What documents will be required?

Regardless of how you plan to obtain data on the number of people registered in the apartment, the applicant must have a passport or some other identification document.

As mentioned earlier, often the applicant does not have the opportunity to personally deal with this issue, delegating this issue to his authorized representative, then he will also have to have an appropriately executed power of attorney.

It was also said that the information is provided either to the owner of the property or to the person registered in the apartment. This means that this information will also have to be confirmed without fail - if you have a passport in hand, you can check your registration. If this document is missing, then there must be title documents confirming the right to ownership of this living space.

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